enhanced employability series

Exclusive to Aspire Award Achievers, this series of online workshops will broaden your knowledge and understanding of what it is really like to practice as a professional skin therapist in everyday working scenarios.
enhance your employability prospects

These 4 interactive sessions led by Dermalogica’s industry experts, prepare you for work and enhance core skills to build confidence and boost employability prospects. Each workshop is 1 hour 15 minutes long and take place once a term. You will receive a certificate of attendance on completion of each workshop. 

attend all 4 to complete the series 

enhanced employability

Complete all 4 workshops in the series to enhance your employability prospects

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Professional skin care consultations and tutorials are as powerful online as they are in person. Using social media and online platforms to effectively deliver virtual services to customers has become an important new skillset for the skin care professional. This session will teach you how to simply and seamlessly transfer your professional expertise into the digital space without losing your personal touch and human connection. Includes best practice advice and an easy to follow protocol.  

The men’s skin care market is booming, and skin care services for men are on the increase. Confidence in adapting your treatments when confronted with facial hair or conditions associated with shaving are essential for the skin therapist. This session will equip you with practical modifications and simple protocols to make delivering treatments for men easy.  

Often as newly qualified therapists we can feel a lot of pressure and responsibility to know what customers should be using. But the reality is, a lot of customers already know what they like. In this exclusive workshop you will learn how to understand what influences customers and how to use that information to tailor your recommendations.  We also know that customers are driven to purchase ethical brands. Understanding what is important to your customer will help build trust and pave the way to customer loyalty. During this session students will explore important ethical and ingredient considerations.

Prioritising customer care and wellbeing is the responsibility of both the skin care business and the professional skin therapist. From legal and ethical considerations to clear and authentic interactions, conscious implementation of customer care practices is critical for clients to feel safe, respected and valued. Hone your awareness in this invaluable session.

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If you are level 2 qualified, you can become Dermalogica Certified!

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Strengthen emotional intelligence and build real connections with every client.